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Experts in plastics. Since 1947.

At Memo we specialize in injection molding of plastic components. Among our customers are companies with very high requirements on precision and quality.

We put the customer front and center. We are large enough to be a stable and reliable partner, yet not so big that we cannot provide each and everyone personalized service and attention. We will adapt our offering to what fits your needs. We can produce both short and long series in our injection molding machines.

We can also help with design of injection molding tools and assist with selection of appropriate raw materials. If you rather avoid unnecessary transports and internal administration you can outsource the logisitics to us. We will make sure the components we produce are shipped to subsidiaries or suppliers no matter where in the world they are located.

Everything we do aim to make your job easier and void of any problems!

Welcome to Memo!

Quality & Precision

At Memo there is no need to specify high quality and precision. Modern injection molding machines and quality checks in multiple steps assure that our deliveries stay at a high ...
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Reliable & Competent

Memo is a stable and profitable company with reliable owners. We have delivered injection molded plastic products since 1947 and remain at the forefront of technical development.
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Personal Service

We provide personal service and adapt our offering to your needs. We will assist you with everything needed to develop, manufacture and deliver your plastic components.
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