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Polymers are amazing materials. They let you design smarter, lighter and greener components. Open your mind to a new world of polymer opportunities.
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For YOUR Tech Products

Tech products require tech components. Traditionally made of metal, more specifically an alloy selected for its specific properties, tech components may just as well be made of polymers. With the right mechanical design, material selection and manufacturing technology, a polymer component often outperforms its metal counterpart – both on functionality and climate footprint.
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Explore your polymer opportunities

Abrasion, tension, heat, cold, chemicals. What environmental challenges will your product be subjected to? We understand the complex mechanics of different operational conditions, their effects on your product and how to respond with the right polymer solutions for its components. You can trust us to find out all we need to know before preparing our injection molding machine to make your components.
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The Magic of Polymers

Specializing on the production of industrial components, Memo has extensive knowledge of polymers and their unique set of properties and qualities.
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The wizardry of injection molding

We use premium-brand injection molding machines in our production. Our machines combine extreme force with the capability to produce even very small details (down to 0.4 grams) with high precision and accuracy.
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The artistry of Mold maintenance

The mold is vital to injection molding perfection. Memo’s skilled and experienced mold engineers have access to top-quality workshop machinery, keeping your mold in excellent shape at all times.
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The art of material preparation

Your tech components are only as good as the material they are made of. That’s why we spend so much time, effort and resources on material preparation. Our top-modern drying equipment ensures optimum drying, and hence material quality, while keeping energy usage at a minimum.
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How we make it happen

We offer production straight from your drawing to our injection molding machine, or a complete solution including design support, mold manufacturing and material selection.
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