Green Production

Quality and climate control go hand in hand
To minimize our climate footprint, we continuously review and improve our processes, material selection and behavior.
Energy saving
Reducing energy use is central to our sustainability efforts. By considering energy aspects in every new investment or purchase, we are gradually reducing our energy use while improving the quality of production.
Machine cooling
Injection molding is energy intensive by nature and efficient cooling is necessary. Located in Sweden, with its long and cold winters, our machine cooling is highly energy efficient. At least half the year, we shut down our compressor and use only low-temperature outdoor air for free cooling. A highly energy-efficient solution.
Mold maintenance
Fast and precise mold maintenance is a key factor in Memo’s high-end offering. Our experienced mold makers possess the advanced craftmanship necessary to accurately adjust and repair molds. Besides extending mold lifetime, this ensures reliable production and timely deliveries.
Machine operation
Our injection-molding machines are at the heart of our production. Our machinery is dominated by quality brands such as Engel, Arburg and Demag – which ensures a high repeatability, reliability and precision in ourmanufacturing.
Green power
We use only green power, compliant with the strict Swedish ecolabeling “Bra Miljöval” (Good Environmental Choice). The power is generated using only renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro – while also considering biodiversity.
Granulate drying
The efficiency of the granulate drying process determines both product quality and production sustainability. To achieve optimum drying, we use a Moretto XD 25 dryer, which automatically adapts drying depending on polymer type.
Inhouse CMM and 3D scanner
Some components require very narrow tolerances. If they also have a complex geometry, conventional measuring methods may be insufficient. On such occasions, we can deploy an inhouse CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and 3D scanner to ensure that tolerances are met.
Our factory
factory image

Order and administration

The customer is always at the center of our attention, and our friendly order-receiving personnel will take excellent care of you. You can count on a personal reception at Memo, whether you want to place an order directly or discuss design aspects with us.

Design and engineering

We can help you design the best polymer solution based on your needs, including material selection and tool manufacturing. We can also provide close and friendly support to your designers and project managers, increasing your polymer awareness and preparing you for future projects.

Tool manufacturing

Memo is renowned for its high-quality tool manufacturing. In our workshop, our engineers help to keep your tool in perfect shape over time by performing all the necessary maintenance and repairs. We can also adjust or modify your tool depending on your changing needs.

Material preparation

Polymers offer practically endless design opportunities. As polymer experts, we ensure the right material mix is used for each component we manufacture. Our optimized material preparation process ensures highest product quality and energy efficiency.

Pre-production approval

Before firing up our injection molding machine to manufacture your component, we present a prototype for your approval. This is an important step, especially if you are shifting from metal to polymer for the first time, allowing you to make a detailed evaluation in advance.

Injection molding

We have a top-modern production line centered around the latest and most advanced injection molding machines of leading brands. Our powerful machines enable top-quality production even of very small and lightweight parts, down to 0.4 grams, with very high precision.

Quality assurance

Product quality is at the heart of our business philosophy. Whatever your needs, we deliver the requested quality. We have extensive measurement and testing capabilities, enabling us to assure and verify quality, including manufacturing down to extremely narrow tolerances.


As your polymer partner, we offer to deliver complete solutions including the mounting of any additional appliances or devices to your component. Our capabilities to complement and refine your component is quite far-reaching, helping you reduce costly post-processing work.


We offer to off-load your own finished-goods inventory by storing your components at our premises, depending on product volume and available space. Please consult with our logistics experts for information about our current storage capabilities.

Distribution and delivery

If you’d like to avoid unnecessary transportation and internal administration, we offer to take care of logistics for you. Using our own distribution network, we make sure your components safely reach your requested destination, globally or locally within Sweden.

Maintenance and support

Uptime is crucial and we allocate large resources to keep our production running at all time. Our experienced maintenance personnel are on constant alert to fix any production disturbance – alongside continuous preventive maintenance work to maximize machine availability.

Green production

We strive to gradually reduce our climate footprint. Injection molding is, by definition, energy intensive, and it is vital for us to invest in energy efficiency. For example, our top-modern drying plant uses very little energy, while ensuring a stable and uniform drying of our polymer raw materials.